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my Spanish-language appearance on Rey Lastre’s (@PanoramaRey) radio show

On January 31st, I appeared on Rey Lastre’s radio show on Panorama Radio, 1020 AM. We had a great time discussing Marco Rubio, Cuban and Jews’ natural bond, Elian, and lots of interesting stuff! Have a listen, though I warn you — it’s all in Spanish! 🙂

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great Jose Marti quote – on enemies

(h/t to Rey Lastre for this…)

Dicen que triste cosa es no tener amigos,

Pero más triste es no tener enemigos.

Porque quien enemigos no tenga,

Es señal de que no tiene,

Ni talento que haga sombra,

Ni bienes que se le codicien,

Ni carácter que impresione,

Ni valor temido,

Ni honra de la que se murmure,

Ni ninguna cosa buena que se le envidie.

My translation:

They say it is a sad thing to not have friends,

But sadder still is to not have enemies.

Because he who has no enemies,

It is a sign that he has,

Neither talent that shades,

Or goods that any covet,

Neither character that impresses,

Nor courage that is feared,

Nor honor about which others murmur,

Or any good thing to envy of him.

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example 597,857, 673 of the media’s hatred for #Cuban exiles

A few days ago, in the wake of Obama’s diplomatic-relations deal with Cuba, I was shocked by this Foreign Policy tweet. Not only is the headline pretty biased and unfair in its sneering tone towards Cuban-Americans/Cuban-exiles … but the accompanying photo was beyond the pale — its clear implication being that a Cuban exile “hardliner” was horrifically shouting down (and almost beating down upon!) an elderly man during a debate. You know, those horrible, bitter, loudmouth, tyrannical Cuban exiles………..

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.14.13 PM

I thought: “Hmm, the guy [the jerk] doesn’t look Cuban and, well, Cuban exiles just don’t bark at defenseless old men.” (Sorry, I’ve been to countless demonstrations throughout my life — never have I seen a Cuban exile behave that way, at least not towards an elderly frail man.) Putting aside the clear bias of Foreign Policy in choosing that photo, it simply didn’t seem authentic or accurate.

But Foreign Policy hadn’t added a description to the photo, leaving the implication that the monster was a Cuban exile “hardliner.”

Then, this afternoon, Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith, posted an article concerning the Cuba matter. I clicked on it and lo-and-behold, check out the photo/caption:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.23.17 PM

Seems Mr. Red Handkerchief is …. wait for it…. an Obama-supporter and certainly not a Cuban exile “hardliner.”


Dear Foreign Policy editors, when will you vicious hacks offer an apology?


#BayofPigs #NeverForgetTheseHeroes

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#BayofPigs #NeverForgetTheseHeroes