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great Jose Marti quote – on enemies

(h/t to Rey Lastre for this…)

Dicen que triste cosa es no tener amigos,

Pero más triste es no tener enemigos.

Porque quien enemigos no tenga,

Es señal de que no tiene,

Ni talento que haga sombra,

Ni bienes que se le codicien,

Ni carácter que impresione,

Ni valor temido,

Ni honra de la que se murmure,

Ni ninguna cosa buena que se le envidie.

My translation:

They say it is a sad thing to not have friends,

But sadder still is to not have enemies.

Because he who has no enemies,

It is a sign that he has,

Neither talent that shades,

Or goods that any covet,

Neither character that impresses,

Nor courage that is feared,

Nor honor about which others murmur,

Or any good thing to envy of him.


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