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Highly scientific analysisย written by AJ Delgado while eating gummie bears in bed, just rattling thoughts off the top of her head. So, right away, you know this is solid.

Mitt Romney
Pros: Presidential (tall, commands a room) – and yes, I list this first because studies show a huge swarth of voters votes based on these factors; business experience; can debate well; has been through a campaign (knows the drill; won’t suffer exhaustion/meltdown); major name recognition throughout the nation; has been proven right (though debatable) on a variety of issues; family is very admired (wife; sons); yes, lost against Obama BUT would beat Hillary

Cons: is it crazy to re-run the same race horse? (or…. do you run it again bc itโ€™s the best race horse you have???); will some voters (especially independents) have a kneejerk reaction against a โ€˜loserโ€™ from the very last election, no less?

Marco Rubio
Pros: Fresh; new; great charisma; Spanish speaking; Gang of 8 attempt could woo SOMEย indie Hispanics over (though whether Hispanics give a hoot about immigration reform isย always VASTLY overestimated); his foreign policy is either a pro OR a con โ€“ some might see it as solid/reliable/just-what-we-need while others might see it as TOO hawkish

Cons: Gang of 8 bill greatly hurt him with the base (base might not galvanize as much for him come general election day, even if he wins the nom); lost momentum โ€“ feels awkward now (best way to explain this is when you meet someone you like; everything is going great; and then it just kind of gets weird; when you revisit, it’s hard to pick up where you left off)

Rand Paul
Pros: Fresh; new; great charisma; libertarian appeal!; independent appeal! (Bill Maher, etc.); great at reaching across the aisle towards minorities; great on civil liberties issues such as penal reform / drugs (could really bring out the youth, same as his father mobilized them)

Cons: Foreign policy views (whereas a strongpoint a year ago, now an Achilles Heel, especially in light of recent events โ€“ though, on the other hand, he has steadily positioned himself towards the center now, as a โ€˜reasonableโ€™ interventionist?)

Ted Cruz
Pros: very bright; excellent debater; new; very popular with grassroots base (would certainly mobilize the Right to come out)

Cons: considered the destructive showboater/grandstander by indies/moderates; comes across a bit forced or even ‘preacher’ish’ in his delivery sometimes

Scott Walker
No. No charisma, dull, not known to anyone outside of Wisconsin and political junkies. Good on unions, sure, but no real pros.

Chris Christie

More skeletons in that closet than a Halloween storage depot, it seems to me. Comes across as thuggish and bullyโ€™ish. No.

Good on unions, sure, like Walker, but no pros โ€“ and too many cons.

UPDATE: 5 minutes after hitting Publish, someone asked why Jeb Bush wasn’t on here. Oops. What does it say about Jeb that I forgot him? Nothing really, it’s just that his candidacy is so recent. So here we go

Jeb Bush

Pros: Hmmm…. Name recognition? (but is it the GOOD kind of name recognition? Bush name has made a comeback but not all that much); solid record as governor; moderate enough to appeal in a general election to indies; comes across as principled;ย humble; approachable; does the dynastic element REALLY hurt him or is there something to be said for the ‘comfort’ ofย a family we feel we at least know?

Cons: A Bush! (name still somewhat hair-rising to many folks); nepotism angle; dynasty angle; not much charisma?; like Mitt, hasn’t been in office for a while; some trail of cronyism with the corporate boards and such; grassroots base doesn’t think he’s conservative enough; Common Core esp hurts him with the base

What do you all think?ย Agree/disagree? On what?



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