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great quotes from “Wolf” (1994): “taste and individuality are something of a handicap”

(starring Jack Nicholson; screenplay by Jim Harrison, Wesley Strick)

Loved the social commentary — thought I’d share some of the best quotes…

Cocktail party guest 1: “I don’t think of Time Warner as another giant multinational media conglomerate but as a bunch of decent caring people because I just don’t believe money always implies ruthless ambition. Am I insane?”

Cocktail party guest 2: “I would say so, yes.”


Female cocktail party guest: “So supposedly because the rain forest is being destroyed so rapidly all these new viruses are going to colonize throughout the world and destroy vast segments of the population. I’m only quoting The New Yorker, you understand….”

Will Randall (Nicholson): “Every upscale magazine tries to make the case that the world will end if we have no rain forests. Well, you could make a case that the world has already ended. That art is dead and we are exhausted. That instead of art, we have pop culture, daytime TV, gay senior citizens, women who’ve been raped by their dentists, confiding in Oprah. An exploration, in depth, of why women cut off their husbands’ penis.”

Will Randall (Nicholson): “Then my area will no longer be editor-in-chief of MacLeish House after the takeover?”

New owner: “Look, it’s nothing personal. Come on, you know that. You’re clearly a man of taste and individuality, which I prize, but these days, not only in corporate America but all around the globe, taste and individuality are actually something of a handicap.”

Will Randall: “Well, just out of curiosity, on what basis did you pick my successor? Vulgarity and conformity?”


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