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‘Check Out My Boobs!’ The lows to which feminism has plummeted

Feminism – at least that which was once defined as feminism – used to be somewhat interesting. Bringing attention the plight of women climbing the corporate ladder, for example, was a noble, if not necessary, endeavor. Films like “Thelma and Louise” and “Working Girl” made us shake our heads and pound our fists into the air in unison with our sisters.

But as American society has rightly eroded much of the inequalities between the sexes, there isn’t much remaining to complain about … and feminists are left scrambling for an issue around which to gather.

As most ardent feminists are white and come from middle class families, the oppression card is hard to play. So they invent discrimination and victimhood of women where there likely is none because, hey, we’ve gotta have an oppressed-group membership card in this world of identity politics.

And while Muslim women are being stoned to death this week, that cannot be their cause because, don’t ‘cha know?, it’s politically incorrect to delve into Islamic culture.

Oh, what to do….?

Fighting for free birth control wasn’t embarrassing enough, so the latest cause du jour is railing against Instagram.

The controversy kicked off this month when a 29-year-old woman, Meghan, who happens to be an attractive girl who is admittedly overweight, posted a photo of her butt, in a boy shorts hiked up like a thong, on her Instagram account. Instagram deleted the photo, citing its policy against nudity.

Meghan then took to YouTube, denouncing Instagram for having fat-shamed her. The story went viral. The company apologized and reinstated her photo.

Meghan claimed that other Instagram users post photos of their butts but their photos aren’t deleted, thus proving the discrimination was due to her weight. But all other photos I could find on Instagram, cited by Meghan’s supporters as evidence of Instagram’s discrimination against the overweight, were not purely a-photo-of-a-butt, as was Meghan’s. Sure, there are countless selfies of women in bikinis highlighting their backsides, or photos of women poolside in photos that do not hide their toned bodies, but none I could fine purely of a butt in a thong.

Then 22-year-old actress Scout Willis got in on the game. Scout is mostly (scratch that, solely) famous for being the spawn of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. To say she has had a privileged life, with opportunities handed to her, is an understatement. But every self-promoting feminist needs something to bitch about and, with advantages like Scout’s, it’s hard out there. This Instagram controversy seemed like a good opportunity. So Scout took to the streets of New York City, walking around topless to protest Instagram’s policies (how on earth is this legal? Apparently NY police are indeed instructed to indulge and look the other way). Nothing says female empowerment like a girl flashing her boobs to the world, something Scout apparently loves to do even when there is no protest angle involved, as shown here). Scout’s gripe? Toplessness is legal in New York but banned on Instagram! This is a problem that apparently keeps Scout up at night. She coupled her advocacy with the inspirational hashtag: #FreeTheNipple.  Of course, Scout made sure the photos were all flattering: her hair blowing in the wind, a slight tan on her skin, a flowing skirt with slits, and walking past a picturesque fruits-and-flowers stand… ‘because I believe in empowering and accepting all forms of beauty but, c’mon (wink, wink), I still want to look sexy.’

Is this the embarrassing depths to which feminist advocacy and activism has reduced itself? Concern over whether Instagram, a private company, allows you to post topless photos?

Close on Scout’s heels, the media is now going berserk over a story of a Utah high school photoshopping girls’ yearbook photos to show less skin. Someone felt this is a ‘story’ and worthy of discussion.

Yet we wonder why America now rolls its eyes at the word ‘feminism.’ Somewhere, there is a woman being married off at age 10, or stoned to death by her community – but I need to fight for the right to show my t*ts on Instagram.

Stop it. Feminist radicals in the 60’s never actually burned their bras, much less their blouses.

Please, cover up — if only for the sake of feminism.


5 thoughts on “‘Check Out My Boobs!’ The lows to which feminism has plummeted

  1. What a great post. I wholeheartedly agree with you, it’s ridiculous how feminists think they are somehow being progressive by baring still more of their bodies. In our hypersexualized porn-soaked culture, that make about as much sense as pouring a pot of water into a raging sea. If women really want to fight for women’s rights today, if they really want to be counter-cultural, then cover up your private parts for once, people. A return to our own dignity would be a good start to building more respect for women’s bodies in our culture.

  2. Hi Lea! Thanks a lot for your comment and so glad you enjoyed the post! And yes, I completely agree! I thought feminism was about getting rid of sex-object stigma and being judged for our personalities and our minds! Guess not, huh?

  3. Exactly.

    By the way, on a completely different note – I have been checking out your other posts and have enjoyed reading them. Next on my list, thanks to your post: buying organic meat! I am now resolved to shell out the extra cash, sacrifice quantity for quality, and get a taste of smaller yet superior poultry and beef. Very curious about this one!!

    • Ha, it’s delicious! I found a new one recently by the “Gardein” brand (it’s a vegetarian brand sold in the ‘vegetarian foods’ section of your supermarket’s frozen aisle) and they create awesome frozen entrees, consisting of different styles of veggie beef and veggie chicken. Tastes amazing). If you find that one, try it out and let me know how it goes! 🙂

      • Interesting. I tend to go for the real meat type, but I might just give the veggie version a try upon your good recommendation. If I do, I will let you know!

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