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Did you know dogs (mostly, beagles) are tested on?

I came across this information yesterday and couldn’t believe it. Apparently, dogs, our best friends, are abused and tortured in research labs. (All this despite the fact that animal testing has been shown to be rather pointless, as products that routinely taste ‘safe’ on animals can harm a human or vice versa).


(screengrab from the Beagle Freedom Project website)

Did you know that today, across the United States, there are nearly 65,000 dogs (most of them beagles) sitting in cages being used to test cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs, household products, and academic curiosities with little to no hope of getting out alive. These tests are often very painful, and frequently result in the death of the dog.

Did you know that over 95% of the dogs in lab testing are beagles, one of the top 5 most popular family dog breeds in America? Beagles are popular with families because of their sweet and docile nature. Sadly, it is these same qualities that make research facilities consider them to be ideal test subjects.

(quote from Beagle Freedom Project)

I came across this AMAZING organization — the Beagle Freedom Project. This organization is overwhelming (in a terrific way) — best of all, it obtains the release of beagles from labs and finds these angels homes. Most of these beagles have spent their entire lives in a tiny crate … and watching them see sunshine and grass for the first time will make you break down in tears.


(screen grab from the Beagle Freedom Project website)

Please do the following, right now! 🙂

a) Please check out their incredible website and YouTube videos. Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

b) Please donate to the Beagle Freedom Project — even a small amount. Don’t leave it for later — do it NOW! 🙂

c) Please check out the list of companies that test on animals (from the Beagle Freedom Project’s website). Make a list and switch brands. (I’ve included a screenshot below.)

d) Send a Tweet to those companies who test, explaining you won’t be using their products any longer. Send a Tweet to the companies you are switching to, explaining you will start using their products because they don’t test on animals and thanking them.

e) Post about all this on your blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

f) Email the list of animal-testers to your friends and family.

g) There is also a “cruelty-free” app you can download so that while you’re at the store you can quickly check if a company is on the list. (it’s $2.99 but has scanning features, etc., and is absolutely incredible.) I just downloaded it.


g) Read about the Beagle Freedom Project and sign the petition. Especially (!) sign up if you’re in Minnesota or California.


i) Send an email right now to your local legislators (city and state) asking if beagles are used in labs in your state and why he/she permits this.



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