Celebrity Spin – Lorde Edition

So Lorde stated last year that she has always been inspired by royals and aristocracy. Hence her stage-name and her debut hit, “Royals.”

But the fact that she comes from money — her fancy prepΒ school looks like that of Ja’Mie’s in Summer Heights High — and that she’s fascinated by aristocracy made her seem like a bit of an ass. A poor person being fascinated by aristocracy? Somewhat understandable. A rich girl? It’s just obnoxious.

No doubt, some managerΒ told her so.

Thus, a new narrative emerged. Now, the story is that “Royals” was inspired by — no joke — her watching a Kansas City Royals’ player sign autographs (yeah, because girls from New Zealand often pay attention to older American baseball players).Β From today’s Washington Post:



Yet, the Internet exists. And this is still up — from summer 2013:




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