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Harley’s Story

While at the vet today, a technician shared with me the story of Harley.

Harley was a 130 pound (big girl!) Rottweiler. Her owners brought her in one day — 10-year-old Harley was suffering from collapsed hips and severe hip problems that made her urinate and defecate around the house (she had very little control of her movements). Rather than look into surgery or treatment, they brought her to the vet…

… to be put down.

Yup, Harley’s family actually wanted her to be put to sleep.

The technician stepped in and asked if the ‘family’ would instead give Harley over to her. They shrugged and agreed.

You’ll be happy to know Harley, whose callous owners were eager to put her to death because she was an inconvenience, went on to live four years in a happy and loving home, surrounded by her newfound doggie brothers and sister, a doting owner, great food, and lots of toys. (Harley’s previous family never once followed up with Harley’s new owner to see how Harley fared.)

Hearing the vet technician’s story, I couldn’t help but smile and think there are still some great folks on this Earth.

To Harley’s owners: I hope they both end up alone in a nursing home in their old age, urinating and defacating all over themselves, to which a nurse replies: “Awww, too bad. Maybe you should just be put down?” πŸ˜‰

#DogRights #MessWithThemYouMessWithMe #DogsArePeopleToo


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