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Islam-Offensive Image Removed From Katy Perry Video; No Such Luck for Christians


In the DMV of our politically-correct Western culture, particularly in the entertainment industry, there is one queue for offended Christians – and another for offended Muslims. At the end of the latter, the teller listens somberly, nods in agreement, and rubber-stamps one’s request. Offending Islam is simply bigoted and unacceptable, after all, as it should be. In the line for Christians and Jews, well, the teller scoffs with a few eye rolls and waves off the protestor.

Such is the state of things in America and Europe, where blasphemies against Christianity are simply met with a smirk and perhaps even a nod of approval.

Consider the latest case in point. Pop star Katy Perry’s video for her new, chart-topping single, β€œDark Horse,” features an array of Cleopatra, desert, and other nonsensical imagery (the kind of imagery that can only be created by an industry bored to death with itself). Halfway through, a man is wearing a pendant reading β€˜Allah’ (he’s burning, so the pendant naturally burns, too – as usually happens when a person burns.) But a 22-year-old Muslim took offense to this and took his case to Change.Org. The petition garnered over 60,000 signatures. (Why exactly a Muslim would watch Katy Perry videos, a woman known for wearing mini-dresses three sizes too small, parading her cleavage day and night, and who rocketed to fame singing about kissing a girl, is missing from the petition but his point remains.)

Last Wednesday, Perry’s record label capitulated and a new video – blasphemy-free – replaced the existing version on YouTube and Vevo. The Allah pendant is now nowhere to be seen.

I applaud the record label’s actions as I can understand why and how Muslims took offense … and… why not avoid offending someone if possible? Admittedly, a pendant with the name ‘Allah’ burning is unnecessary. Moreover, the offended individual took his case to a simple, peaceful petition website.

But consider fellow pop star Ke$ha’s β€œDie Young” video, released in 2012, which features: the starlet and her pals partying half-naked inside an abandoned church, which they proceed to wreck further; an upside-down cross is flashed on the screen multiple times and throughout the entire video; Ke$ha dances sexily on the altar; and did I mention the altar has a big ole’ pentagram on the wall? Satanic imagery? Sacrilegious? Blasphemous (can it get any worse than an upside-down cross?)? Check, check, and check.

So where was the Change.Org petition regarding Ke$ha’s video? There was none, either because mocking and attacking the Christian faith has become so common in the creative β€˜arts’ that Christians have become accustomed to it, or, more likely – why make a fuss when one knows the reaction will only be further derision and complete dismissal of one’s concerns?

Offended Muslims? Skip to the front of the line. Offended Christians? Take a number – and don’t hold your breath.


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