a few thoughts regarding The Oscars

I elected not to watch last night’s Oscars because, well, there are far better things to do. I stop short of calling Hollywood a bunch of overpaid narcissists but… it needs to respect its audience again and needs to up the creativity level.

That said, I caught updates on Twitter and through this morning’s news. A few thoughts:

1) The “It’s Embarrassing To Be A Conservative Right Now” moment, brought to us by Coulter:


Then folks wonder why we have a hard time attractive minorities to conservatism. Any inroads made over months are then ruined by this kind of remark. Ann, I love you but c’mon! 


Cuaron, Lupita, and McConaughey turned in outstanding performances and absolutely deserved their win. As for “12 Years a Slave” winning the Best Picture award? Also very much deserved and not part of some PC-conspiracy. What should have won instead? “Gravity” (a tech-impressive but ultimately popcorn-entertainment flick along the lines of “The Abyss”)? “American Hustle”? Please. 

2) From a feminist standpoint, I, along with millions of others, am concerned about the self-esteem and image problems in women caused by heavily-photoshopped Hollywood. When actresses aren’t posing for a spread where their faces and bodies are altered via the few clicks of a mouse, they are posing on the red carpet in pounds of carefully applied makeup, in body-flattering poses they have practiced for hours, and wearing dresses perfectly pinned and tailored to best convey their (or convey some other!) figure. This after-party picture gallery, however, really captures many actors and actresses unguarded, and thus portrays a realistic, healthy ‘picture’ of what many Tinseltown folks actually look like. Scroll through all 132 photos and yup, you’ll be shocked. 

That said, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, and Diane Kruger are, yes, physical perfection. It’s confirmed. Kate, ironically a heavy smoker, is nonetheless the very picture of glowing fitness. That figure. No wonder she played Ava Gardner!



3) Poor Leo didn’t win the Oscar. Does he deserve one at some point in his career? You bet, and he’ll eventually obtain one. But Belfort in “Wolf of Wall Street” was not an Oscar-winning type of role, and we all know it. (Can someone even explain to me why Jonah Hill was nominated?) Just because it’s a Scorcese film, does not mean it’s worthy of ridiculous praise.

4) The fashion: Each year, there are usually 2-3 dresses that impress me. This year, I could not find a single one, except perhaps for Angelina Jolie‘s (who always comes through). While I’m not crazy about metallics or nudes, she did pull it off. Fellas were also remarking that Angelina’s new (ahem! surgically-enhanced) breasts look phenomenal and I must agree — she looks better than ever. Rock on, Angie! As for Lupita, she looked incredible but the dress itself? Eh, a) powder blue? b) the Grecian style is a bit obvious and done-to-death.

5) And, lastly, I shall leave you with this wonderful Onion clip:

<br /><a href=”http://www.theonion.com/video/jared-leto-thanks-acting-for-being-an-easy-thing-t,35413/&#8221; target=”_blank” title=”Jared Leto Thanks Acting For Being An Easy Thing That Anybody Can Do”>Jared Leto Thanks Acting For Being An Easy Thing That Anybody Can Do</a>




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