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Liberals Don’t Know What ‘Jim Crow’ Was (and Insult African-Americans)


Liberals don’t seem to know the difference between Jim Beam, Jim Crow, and The Crow (a helluva film… but I digress). Such is all one can surmise, judging by the number of ‘Jim Crow’ references made this week.

As Rich Lowry points out in his excellent Politico column,ย when discussingย SB 1062 (the Arizona bill Governor Jan Brewer ultimately vetoed yesterday, which would have allowed business owners to refuse service that would violate their religious beliefs), “aย reference to Jim Crow was obligatory in any discussion of the bill on cable TV.”

Cable news segment on the bill? Count the seconds before you’d hear: “Jim Crow”! “This is like Jim Crow all over again!” “AZ wants to institute Jim Crow!” So many crows, I felt like Tippy Hedrin in “The Birds”.

But was the comparison fitting? Not even close. Liberals (those poor bastards — facts and historical knowledge have never been their strong suit) don’t know what the heck Jim Crow was.

You see, Jim Crow was mandated segregation. I repeat: mandated segregation. Was SB 1062 “mandating” anything? On the contrary, it was freeing folks to be able to exercise their freedom of religion, Constitutional rights. Is SB1062 about segregation? Hmm, do we even need to answer that? It should be glaringly obvious that in no way would it relegate gays ย to use separate facilities in any industry or sphere or manner in either the private or public world.

Think I needed my history degree to know that? Nope. You can ย find this on Wikipedia. Do liberal commentators not have access to Wikipedia? Can we get a Kickstarter going to at least get them an Encarta-Encyclopedia CD?

But facts and history be damned — it sounds powerful! “JIM CROWWWW!” they shrieked nonetheless.

In invoking this false comparison, perhaps the saddest bit is the affront on African-Americans. Men, women, and children who were forced to sit in separate restaurants, forced to use separate water fountains, and sustain such horrors — all purely for the color of their skin — are now belittled and denigrated, their incomparable suffering compared to that of: “Awww, I can’t get my wedding cake from this place! We’ll have to go all the way across the block to that other great caterer!”

Shame on you — if not for your willful ignorance, for your callous disregard of the African-American struggle.


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