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Judge Andrew Napolitano Spreads Truth Regarding Abe Lincoln

cover of Thomas DiLorenzo's, "The Real Lincoln"

cover of Thomas DiLorenzo’s, “The Real Lincoln”


Judge Andrew Napolitano, the one and only, gave tremendously insightful (and necessary) insight regarding Abraham Lincoln. Judge Nap noted that he is, like me, a “contrarian” on Lincoln and bemoans the way he has been mythologized.

You may find the clip here. Be sure to watch the relatively short segment in its entirety.

I’ve long railed about this subject and recommend you all read “The Real Lincoln,” by Thomas diLorenzo, found here on Amazon.

The Daily Show went on the attack with a snarky segment that was lacking any effective rebuttal. (P.S. Jon: Lincoln was trying to buy off the slaves in some states in 1862? You forget to mention the war started in 1861, genius.)

Kudos to Kmele Foster and Kennedy Nation for this fascinating discussion.


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