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“Supernatural” Continues To Rock


Nine seasons in and “Supernatural” continues to amaze. This week’s episode merits a blog-post so here we go.

a) a Cain (?!) storyline? Whoa. Fantastic. Tim Omundson nailed it. Hopefully Cain sticks around until the end of the season because, boy, what an actor and what a creative spin on the Biblical tale.

NOTE: I love that Bobby Singer, McG, and the rest of the writers/producers have never gone too far, with a portrayal of God, Christ, or any figure that may be too close to home — the New Testament stories simply are not as nebulous and, clearly it goes without saying, straying into such territory would not only be potentially offensive to many (not just incredibly tricky) but onscreen portrayals of God in TV or film always just fall flat and seem terribly awkward. So kudos to the “Supernatural” team for knowing where to draw the line. As a Christian, it’s sometimes hard for me to roll with the punches of the angel storylines (really, guys? Some of the angels as bureaucrats or jerks?) and such… but I’m with it so far — just don’t wade too deep!

b) Mark Sheppard (Crowley) can do no wrong. If the show were just Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Crowley trading barbs for an hour, I’d be transfixed in front of my screen. My mom (who watches the show with Spanish subtitles!) loves, loves, loves it — in fact, it’s her favorite show on television (I’m guessing old school Cuban exiles are outside of the show’s typical audience demographic — which only proves what a strong show this is.) Her favorite? Crowley, whom she calls “tremendo actorazo!” (loosely translated: “one hell of an actor!”). So many Crowley moments in this week’s episode were downright brilliant — but a special kudos goes out to Crowley crossing himself when we see the mark of Cain. Whoever thought of that? Genius. Naturally, it’s also Ackles’s comedic talent, timing, and delivery that continue to amaze: his reaction to that (“Now? Really?”) was simply perfect.

c) Dean going all UFC on those demons. Awesome scene and great stunt work by Ackles, who seemed to have performed most of it himself. Kudos to the fight choreographer, too.

d) D.J. Qualls is returning next week!!! Ugh, I’ve been waiting ages for Garth’s return! YES!

e) One small quibble with the episode. In the flashback portion shown at the very beginning of the episode, we see Cain coming home to Colette and the demons that have invaded the home (all of whom, we later see, he vanquishes, save for Abaddon). The opening description states this is in Jackson, Mississippi. Presumably, this is the same home wherein Dean and Crowley find Cain and pay a visit (especially since Colette’s grave is on those grounds). But when Dean and Crowley did the location spell with Tara, the spell led them to… “Missouri.” Wait, wasn’t Cain and Colette’s home in Mississippi? Moreover, Cain expresses concern that Dean and Sam have revealed his location (“you’ve exposed me”). But if that’s the home he lived in with Colette (granted, one that he probably left for a long time — or times — during his disappearances), why/how wouldn’t Abaddon and her minions already know that’s the place to find Cain?

f) Very pleased that the show has shunned its previous jabs at conservatives. Slightly over a year ago, I wrote about my frustration with the political jabs in the scripts… but the show has clearly made a concerted effort to eliminate such dialogue. Yay!

Mark Pedowitz, CW’s chief, reportedly stated that, as long as the ratings stay as solid as they are, the network will continue the show. Well, as I mentioned earlier, nine seasons in and it’s still going strong. A big part of this is likely also due to the great ‘head on their shoulders’ by stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, both of whom have smartly shunned the typical trappings of fame and, instead, live quiet, happy, healthy lives. These are two true thespians, and, from all reports, terrific guys who produce great work and never became part of the ‘party scene’ that they could have, so easily, gravitated towards. If I may use the term, they are, in a nutshell, the opposite of douchebags — one never sees them in tacky, self-absorbed GQ spreads, or posing for photos at smug Hollywood ‘benefits,’ or stumbling out clubs. Nope. Did the show creators ever luck out in selecting these two gentlemen as their stars! Very similar, actually, to Tom Welling, who played Superman in the network’s “Smallville” (another favorite show of mine, which, much like “Supernatural”, enjoyed an extraordinarily long run). If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow Jared (@JarPad): he doesn’t hold back — my personal favorite was his recent Tweet slamming Bieber’s cocaine use. Love this guy! Special congrats to Jared and his stunning wife, Genevieve Padalecki, on the birth of their second son. Such a cute “Supernatural”-bred (they met on set years ago) couple!

Bottom line:…………………… check out this show if you haven’t already!


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