The Beebster Hits Cuba

Justin Bieber is in Cuba, according to this photo he posted on his Instagram. The Beebster’s caption: “I’m in Cuba. I love Cubans.” While I can’t argue with Justin’s great taste in people (I know, I know — we Cubans are indeed awesome), and while it’s perfectly legal for him to travel there (he’s Canadian, not American), it’s still an insensitive and downright stupid trip (how much money is he spending there, which will almost all go straight into the regime’s coffers?).
We know Justin has a thing for Latinas (e.g., Selena Gomez) but let’s hope he stays clear of Cuba’s notorious (and often underaged) sex industry.
Oh Beebster… I hope you’re at least enjoying that cigar. You’re trying to look so hard but you just look like a kid smoking his dad’s stash.

category: culture

The Beebster Hits Cuba


One thought on “The Beebster Hits Cuba

  1. John Hayes says:

    Let young Mr. Bieber stay there, he’ll wind up in the calaboose fast enough. MININT can surely figure out pretty eaasily how to et out more slack then jerk the rope to get all his money and keep him in a cell that looks like the set for SAW 7. When he uses social media to whine about his predicament enough, more of the clueless may begin to get it…

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