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“Alpha House” Continues to Attack Marco Rubio


Last month, I wrote about Amazon’s new show, “Alpha House,” and its attacks on Republicans, particularly on Senator Marco Rubio.

A subsequent episode continues this disturbing trend.Β Episode 9, “The Rebuttal,” features a storyline of Andy Guzman (the fictional Cuban-American senator from Florida based on Rubio) delivering the GOP rebuttal of Obama’s address (clearly, this is yet another glaringly-obvious reference to the real-life Rubio who, in fact, famously delivered such a response — for good measure, the scene even features a hiccup: this time, a lighting stand falling, rather than the infamous water-bottle moment).

But it was the disgusting, appalling, wildly inaccurate attack on Rubio and Cuban-Americans that crossed the line, even by this show’s standards.

Delivering the address, Guzman (ahem! Rubio) states:

“Now the president talked about dreams tonight. Well I know something about dreams. For instance, the dreams of a young couple who fled Havana just days ahead of Castro’s advancing army with only the clothes on their backs (points to a photo behind him, presumably of his parents) — and the modest liquid assets they had wisely transferred to a bank in Miami.”

Ah, so Cuban refugees/exiles now left Cuba with assets, slyly even transferring them to foreign bank accounts? Wow, someone please let me know the bank to which my Abuelo was able to transfer his assets in the chaos of the Communists arresting him, confiscating everything for which he’d worked his whole life in one day without notice, and executing his friends.

What a horrific smear that has zero basis in fact. It is, however, typical. You see, for decades liberals have sought to dismiss and defame Cuban exiles and this is one of the arguments they employ — though it is rare as, with such historical inaccuracy, only those willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel would dare use it.

Jeff Bezos, one of my idols, was raised in Miami by a Cuban-American father. What the heck is Amazon doing funding and peddling this storyline on its show? C’mon, Jeff.


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