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sigh… another instance of cops brown-nosing celebs – at taxpayers’ expense

Those who know my writings and views, know I am a stalwart supporter of the police force and often take heat for defending them, as I did for writing this post. Police officers are underpaid, overworked, and sacrifice their lives daily for our safety.

That said, there are certainly instances where police actions are reprehensible: police brutality in some instances is a reality (e.g., fatal tasering of the South Beach teen who was spraying graffitti on an abandoned wall) and, on the other, the all-too-common incidents of individual officers abusing their position in order to curry personal favor — not in the form of material goods but simply to, for instance, meet and spend time with a celebrity they admire.

In our Kardashian-world, we face an epidemic where Americans (yes, apparently even including cops) are willing to trip over themselves to be ‘bros’ with a celebrity or to even have the ‘honor’ of hanging with them for a little while.


Think this isn’t a recurring problem? Remember when a group of Miami police officers shut down a street so that Lebron “King” James would not have to wait in traffic?

In August 2013, a Las Vegas P.D. captain reportedly arranged a private flight on a P.D. helicopter for Guns & Roses guitarist, Daren Jay Ashba — so that Ashba could propose to his girlfriend in style.

Are you puking yet?

Following a months-long investigation (instigated following public outcry when Ashba and his fiancee posted about their VIP treatment on social media), the captain has now retired (opting to do so rather than face demotion to lieutenant) — surely, with generous benefits and pension intact. The pilot’s punishment? He’s simply been transferred out of that division.

Taxpayer-waste so some folks can use their position of power to Β brown-nose a celebrity? Give me a break.

UPDATE (1/2014): Police in Miami are under investigation for allegedly escorting Justin Bieber from the private-planes airport to his nightclub destination.

UPDATE (2/2014): Kim Kardashian received an escort of several police officers while shopping. WHY?


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