my dream ‘theme-party’

Watching “3:10 To Yuma” tonight for the thousandth time (Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are ridiculously phenomenal in their respective roles, as usual), it dawned on me once again that my dream theme party is a “Wild West” themed party.

Folks often do an 80’s theme party, or 70’s (both overplayed, tiresome, and unoriginal). If they have a little more effort, they’ll do a 1920’s party (again, eh — and those flapper outfits are terribly bland). Recently, I heard of someone who, last year, hosted a “Downton Abbey” themed party — think: “Titanic” for the fashion. I suppose… #yawn

My dream theme-fiesta would be a saloon-style, Wild West themed party. The costumes alone would be quite fun to create (corsets, cleavage, silk, and ruffles for the gals… Β vests, pocketwatches, holsters, and hats for the gents). A piano player, gambling tables, and a bar that serves only hard liquor (please, no fancy-pants orders: take your Bourbon and enjoy it!)Β 



2 thoughts on “my dream ‘theme-party’

    • Hi Wally! I’m taking a break from Twitter as part of a social-media detox! Need to focus on some other writings/projects I need to get done. Thanks for checking in!

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