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Yes, there IS a war on Christmas (and on Christianity)

Oh, it’s a terribly uncool thing to say, isn’t it? One of the Left’s most successful tactics in recent years has been to frame certain ideals as ridiculous. By mocking those who speak of the ‘war on Christmas’ (see, e.g., snark-king Jon Stewart), it creates an atmosphere of intimidation where no one wants to be part of ‘the crazies’ who feel that way. This is something we have experienced since childhood — the cool kids telling us: “You’re not REALLY going to sit with that dork at lunch today, are you, A.J.? We thought you were one of our group!” So we don’t. Everyone wishes to be thought reasonable — and speaking of the ‘war on Christmas’ is, I am constantly told, the domain of paranoid shrills.

The Left’s second successful tactic is to pretend an issue is just a ‘minor issue’ — despite knowing full well it is key part of a broader, critical decline in our culture. “Oh come on!,” they scoff. “It’s just a phrase! It’s just a holiday! Who cares! This is so silly!” Surely, they cannot be that dumb. They aren’t:. they know well this is about brushing Christianity under the rug, the way a cunning predator kills its prey via repeated small bites rather than one quick slash. Most of us are too stupid to notice, or too ambivalent to respond.

Make no mistake: for those of us with common sense, Β for those of us who have been paying attention, and for those of us who Β can think for ourselves, there is most certainly a war on Christmas. And yes, it offends me and jolts me. When a society takes a Christian holiday and usurps it, making it a secular holiday — it is a dangerous attempt to slowly obliterate the Christian faith. Why should I not be angry about this? Why should I not feel threatened?

If anyone wants to make a secular holiday in December, please have at it! Knock yourself out, hoss! Just don’t take an existing Christian holiday and remove its Christian essence. Imagine taking a key holiday from any other religion and celebrating it even though you are a non-believer (already offensive) — then also urging that the religious components not be publicly acknowledged so as to not ‘offend’ anyone.

Speaking of offensve: who on earth would be bothered by someone wishing them a ‘Merry Christmas’? Please, point out these bitter souls. It is they who are worthy of mockery.

“But, AJ, why not just say ‘Happy Holidays’? It’s simply inclusive!” Hm, wrong! On the contrary, ‘Happy Holidays’ is excludingΒ rather than including. It is implicity saying: “I am refusing to acknowledge the Christmas holiday, even though it is celebrated by a majority of Americans. I am going to pretend there is some sort of (non-existent) traffic jam of holidays in mid-to-late December, rendering me unable to mention them all.” Such nonsense!

Driving yesterday with my AM radio on (gotta multi-task and absorb info!), I learned of a new poll showing more and more Americans are moving towards a “secular Christmas.” And less and less Americans will be attending church services on Christmas, especially younger Americans. Why is this? Because of the persistent attacks on Christianity that have been a key tenet of liberalism. Though this has been en vogue for decades, Β dating back to the French Revolution, it is only in recent years that the Left has, emboldened, Β moved forward with no shame, openly expressing its hostility for Christianity. One is hard-pressed to watch any TV show or film nowadays where the Christian character is not portrayed as evil or a simpleton.

This move towards demolishing Christian holidays is not limited to Christmas, either. I recall one of my secretaries at my old law firm stating: “My kids celebrate Easter but not the Jesus-y Easter — they celebrate Easter-Bunny Easter.” Holding my tongue in that moment proved a feat of sheer willpower. Let’s see: so she would take the Christian holiday and just change it, willy nilly, to whatever else she wanted? How convenient! And, pray tell, how exactly does that work? “Hey Monica: your birthday is January 5th but I’m just going to make the party about something else and not mention your birthday. Cool? You’re not offended, right?” It’s taking the benefits of the Christian holiday but removing the whole Christian bit… not unlike the time the BBC remade BenHur: A Tale of Christ… without the Christ part!

Only liberal hubris could permit such arrogance.

But it is not just Christmas — Christianity itself is under attack, not only in the literal persecutions of Christians in the Middle East and Africa but on our own soil. This week the Duck Dynasty debacle served as a glaring reminder. You see, when a private individual states his views as a Christian… but those views do not align with liberal orthodoxy… what happens? Widespread condemnation. That is already unsettling enough but then a reasonable person also Β wonders: is Christianity no longer acceptable? Moreover, where will the slope ultimately end? For now, it’s ‘just’ calling for someone’s firing — in a decade or two, will it be arrest on the grounds of ‘hate speech’? When the values the PC-overlords push down on us (adultery is OK! fornication? girls shouldn’t be shamed about having sex at 14! etc…) conflict with the values in the Bible, how soon will it be before advocating the Bible’s views is considered ‘hateful’ (wait, that already happened) and a crime?

Earlier this month, I saw a headline on my Twitter feed that truly shook me. The premise was too depressing for me to even click and read it, though I now have. An article from The Telegraph, it is entitled: Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation.” Is there any doubt this is true? Is there any doubt we face this danger? Will you shrug your shoulders and sit back while this happens, or will you be heard? Will you fight back, and fight against the tide?

I will.

I’m off to go buy some Duck Commander gear. And, “Merry ******* CHRISTmas!!!” πŸ˜‰


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