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In Defense of Lara Logan

Lara Logan, photo owned by of CBS News

Lara Logan, photo owned by Β CBS News

I don’t normally link to my articles/columns on here but Salon‘s unfair comparison of ‘Rather-gate’ with the recent CBS News/Benghazi report (Lara Logan, Jeff Fager) issue was a bit too much to stomach. So I wrote this comparison piece, illustrating how the two journalistic scandals are, in fact, quite different.

It pains me, moreover, to see anyone call for a reporter or pundit’s job, as the Salon writer did. This is someone’s livelihood and career — as such, it is not to be thrown into the pyre lightly. Β Logan, in particular, is a role model for women and one who has endured a great deal in order to provide excellent reporting. In an industry where women rarely stick up for one another (and, on the contrary, to my everlasting shock, often sabotage one another), I am quite disappointed regarding the lack of women’s voices in defense of Logan. So I figured I’d raise my voice at least (albeit a small one).


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