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When Conservatives Embarrass Me

It’s usually about once a month — that cringe-worthy moment when my fellow Righties (or, rather, some of them) go into fake-outrage, shriek mode without a valid reason and sometimes, even, by outright distorting what a ‘libuuurral’ said.

Today was one of those days.

It all started when the White House’s Dan Pfeiffer posted this Tweet:


Pfeiffer’s Tweet linked to a Think Progress article by Ygor Volsky that noted:

Mondayโ€™s Wall Street Journal features an op-ed from Edie Littlefield Sundby, a stage-4 gallbladder cancer survivor who wonโ€™t be able to keep the coverage she currently has. Her insurer, United Healthcare, is pulling out of the individual health care market, forcing Sundby to find new coverage in Californiaโ€™s health care exchange.
But Sundby shouldnโ€™t blame reform โ€” United Healthcare dropped her coverage because theyโ€™ve struggled to compete in Californiaโ€™s individual health care market for years and didnโ€™t want to pay for sicker patients like Sundby.

Pretty standard stuff. In other words, the patient blames ObamaCare (rightly so) and Pfeiffer and Think Progress blame the insurance carrier and the insurance industry.

No one (thankfully) is blaming the patient, and certainly not Pfeiffer.

That did not stop the stupidity on Twitter, however, from going into high alert and dozens of so-called conservatives hurling attacks and Tweeting up a storm that Pfeiffer was blaming a cancer victim for losing her own insurance, a disturbingly serious and shocking allegation to make.

Just take a look at some of the comments below Pfeiffer’s tweet, in response. Clearly, not a single person bothered to read the article he Tweeted — just the headline, which they jumped to assume ‘must’ mean he was blaming the patient.

Can someone please ‘splain what the heck they are talking about? Where did Pfeiffer blame the victim?!

Twitchy Team has a recapย of some of the ‘best’ Tweets Pfeiffer received in response. (Notice, for the record, that Michelle Malkin is NOT part of those ย accusing Pfeiffer of blaming the victim: her Tweet, instead, bemoans — and rightly so — this patient’s loss of her insurance plan.)

These fake-outrage, let’s bitch about ‘Obummer’ days are when the intellectually challenged really come out in droves. It’s also a time for pundits to score cheap, easy points by jumping in on the action.

Dana Perino Tweeted this:


My question, of course, will not receive a response:


Today is a perfect example of conservatives mucking it up and making fools of themselves (“Huma Abedin is a Muslim infiltrator!” comes to mind, should you need another example), rather than staying on message when we have the upper ground. This patient’s story about losing her ObamaCare coverage is a powerful one regarding the ills of ObamaCare — but, instead, some choose to focus on attacking a White House executive (Pfeiffer) for something he did not say (so, hmm, who’s smearing whom?) rather than keeping our eye on the actual issue. But I guess calling a guy a “scumbag” based on an article you did not even readโ€ฆ is more ‘fun’ than continuing to research ObamaCare’s many flaws or approaching an issue seriously and somberly?

The backlash Business Insider‘s Josh Barro received recently (once for an article rightly pointing out how much employer-provided healthcare plans cost the taxpayer and shortly thereafter for a piece noting how much government subsidies, etc., are part of the ‘private’ healthcare industry) is another glaring example.

95% of conservatives are smart, serious individuals dedicated to the truth. If the other 5% would stop making us all look foolish, I would be most grateful.


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