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A Note On How Speaking Up Can Make A Difference

It’s Wednesday, which means I bought and watched last night’sΒ Supernatural episode (Season 9 (!) started earlier this month). Have I mentioned I am obsessed with this show?

My TV-adventure with the show began in late 2012 (I know, I was totally late to the game!) when I purchased Season 1 on Amazon… which led to buying Seasons 2 – 7 immediately thereafter. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are remarkably gifted actors, and everything from the snappy dialogue to the classic-rock soundtrack is simply amazing.

But during my marathon viewing of the first few seasons, there were, much to my chagrin, a not-insignificant number of political ‘jabs’ and snarky remarks against the Right. So I published this post on Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, in December 2012 (whilst Season 8 was filming), noting a few of these instances and urging the show to reverse course and keep the (killer) show politically neutral.


Well, I can’t help but notice that Season 8 (as well as Season 9’s first few episodes this month) have steered clear of snide remarks about conservatives, something that was previously commonplace.

Was my article read by a producer or one of the cast? Did it have an impact? Most likely not — but I’d like to think it did! Hey, it’d be a pretty cool example of how ‘just bloggers’ can really make a difference, no? πŸ˜‰


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