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‘Eastbound And Down’ Continues To Deliver

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Those of you read this site know I like to stray from my usual musings on my politics, and instead write about Β film/TV shows that are under my skin!

In a post-apocalyptic world (meaning, no more Breaking Bad,Β sigh), thank heavens for the return of Eastbound and Down on HBO.

Kenny ******* Powers.

While some of the show’s longtime aficionados (I’ve been a hopelessly addicted fan since Season 1) were cautiously skeptical (would a fourth season work? would the character be stale by now?), all those doubts have been resoundingly nullified.

Last night’s episode was wondrous — particularly the scene where Kenny talks (“real talk”) to the children (his new charity project is a group of low-income black youths, much to his chagrin as he really, really ‘wanted AIDS’). Everything — from Kenny’s impersonation of a black man dismissing him (that voice!), to Stevie’s “Don’t be racist” deadpan delivery, to dismissing George Washington for street cred (Stevie: “He didn’t do shit! I hate that ******!), to Kenny bemoaning his descent from guys in “powdered wigs and wooden teeth” (honestly, how do they come up with this stuff?) — had me in stitches.

Then there’s the rest of the cast. Hats off to the ‘friends’ (or frenemies) circle, who all make the most of their screentime, precisely by underplaying their roles to perfection. Most of all is Gene, the ‘Wake Forest’ dude whose insufferable, nagging wife has emasculated him to a cringe-worthy degree. The other pal is also brilliant in his ‘under-delivery’, with his blank stares and quiet acceptance of Kenny-being-Kenny.

April has been particularly fun and adorable this year — he-llo, getting trashed at the water park? Epic.

And, of course, shout-out to the newest members of the Powers clan — Dakota, the wolf Kenny bought on Craig’s List to serve as an alpha-male role model and ‘spirit guide’ to his son. (Like I said, how do they come up with this stuff?)

Question: The blue eyes Stevie had going on in the final scene — throwback to Dune???? Could be. Also, “Why’d you bring me to City of God, dude?” LOL… Another brilliant reference.

I could go on and on, especially about the perfection of Guy’s character and ‘Sports Sesh’. But just do yourselves a favor and watch this show.

HBO, Sunday nights



2 thoughts on “‘Eastbound And Down’ Continues To Deliver

  1. Ive enjoyed this season., but my favorite was the Mexico season. I think they missed the boat not sending Kenny to Japan, it would actually be more realistic as many ball players who fade away go to Japan. PLus, I just picture Kenny and Stevie running around kabuki style wearing kimonos and messing with sumo wrestlers.

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