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Care about animals? Fight ObamaCare!

As the fight against ObamaCare (unfortunately) dwindles, some have begun to look at Plan B (or is it Plan C? D?): focusing on repealing certain aspects of the law.

Senator Rand Paul isΒ floating the idea of repealing the medical device tax, an excellent, reasonable proposal that should garner support regardless of political ideology.

If you are an animal rights advocate, or care about our animal friends, it is imperative that the medical device tax be repealed. Why? These devices and supplies (including supplies as basic as examination gloves) are routinely purchased for use by… you guessed it… veterinarians. So what happens? The cost of veterinarians’ overhead rises and, with it, the cost of their patients’ care.

[See this Heritage blog article on the issue: “ObamaCare May Hike Your Pet’s Health Care Bills” or this CBS affiliate’s article (with accompanying video) on the potential crisis.]

Those of us who are animal rights advocates already bemoan the high cost of veterinary care. Routine annual shots can cost hundreds of dollars and surgeries in the thousands. There is no Medicare or Medicaid style program for our furry friends.

Anything we, as Americans, can do to help keep down veterinary costs, while respecting the private market, is imperative. The medical device tax in ObamaCare was a blow to our pockets — and, most disturbingly, to the healthcare of our animal friends.

Most veterinarians make a modest salary — their pay is not that of a heart surgeon’s. Let’s help them help us.

Support the repeal of the medical device tax!


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