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my #BreakingBad ‘place your bets’ questionnaire

1) Does Walt live at the close of the series?  Yes or No  (3 pts)

2) If Walt dies, how? (5 pts)

     a) killed by law enforcement 

     b) killed by a friend or family member (this includes Jesse)

     c) killed by Lydia/Todd/ rivals 

     d) suicide

     e) other form of death

     f) N/A – he doesn’t die

3) In the flash forward, we saw Walt retrieving ricin. On whom does he intend to use it? (4 pts)

     a) Jesse 

     b) Hank 

     c) Skyler 

     d) Lydia and/or company 

     e) himself

     f) other

4) Does Jesse live through to the end of the series? Y or N (2 pts)

5) Does Skyler? Y or N (2 pts)

6) Do Walt’s kids? Y or N (2 pts)

7) Does Hank? Y or N (3 pts)

8) Does Marie? Y o r N (1 pt)

9) Does Lydia? Y or N (3 pts)

10) Who ends up with the money in the end? (5 pts)

     a) Skyler and/or the kids

     b) Marie! No more shoplifting!

     c) Lydia

     d) law enforcement confiscates it

     e) Saul

     f) other


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