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my thoughts on the #GameofThrones Season 3 finale

Last night’s Season 3 finale only — and barely — met expectations: and by ‘expectations’ I mean a simple, banal wrap-up and straightforward teaser of what’s to come.


a) Theon’s sister declaring her intent to come to his aid. Love her.

b) Hodor‘s adorable face when he realized Sam knew who he was.

c) Sam who, for once, was direct, useful, and not fumbling around. He’s becoming less and less annoying.

d) The best scene — as usual — is anything involving Tywin. So much to explore here.
(1) The way Tyrion, knowing his position is secure in light of his marriage to Sansa (the family needs him to cement that union)… slams Joffrey the minute he walks in the room. Perfect. Then Tywin’s exasperated: “If you have to SAY you’re the king….”, capped off by sending Joffrey to bed.Β 
(2) But greater still was the convo that followed between Tyrion and Tywin. When Tywin shares his recollection of wanting to throw Tyrion into the sea when the latter was born… but instead opted to let him live… his emotions and cracking voice dictate he DOES feel something for his son. We now wonder if, when Tywin sneered that he has to tolerate Tyrion if only because he has no way to prove Tyrion ISN’T his son, was that truly how Tywin feels? Or does he love his son in some way? I could be wrong, though, and perhaps I’m grasping at straws in ascribing some humanity to Tywin where there is none.

e) The exchange between Lord Bolton and Lord Frey. The set alone — the ‘morning after’ scrubbing of the blood-stained floors — was particularly visceral.Β 

f) No Dario (Rico Suave) anywhere to be seen. Yay

g) Jamie being confused for a crippled farmer on his way into King’s Landing and — more importantly — he can’t be be bothered to correct the man. The final sign that almost all arrogance is gone from him.


a) even more Theon-torture scenes? Really? Yes, we get it — they cut his manhood off, too. No need for yet ANOTHER protracted scene. Is the guy who plays Ramsey Snow friends with the HBO producers or such? I have yet to understand why so much screentime has been given to this angle (no, it isn’t this lengthy in the books).

b) the rushed nature of the exchange following Davos setting Gendry free. In the span of 2 minutes:
Davos admits to doing so,
is sentenced to death,
whips out a paper,
Melissandre does her witch thing in the flames,
Davos is still sentenced to death,
Melissandre interjects,
Melissandre proclaims this huge, all-encompassing, War of Five Kings they’ve been fighting? “OH, never mind! That’s unimportant — the big war is to the North!”
Stannis takes this news without flinching or any reaction, as if simply listening to a housewife announce what she made for dinner.
Boom, Davos no longer sentenced to death
and suddenly the War of 5 Kings takes a backseat to the ‘war in the north’?

Hmm, OK. “Rushed” is an understatement.

c) The direwolf-head-sewn-onto-Robb’s-body. No, the direwolf was not THAT large and hence his head could not be so large. The show’s props department erred there.Β 

d) They should’ve shown what was done to Catelyn’s body, if only to further underscore the severity of the event.

e) Dany‘s crowd surfing. Utterly corny, cringe-worthy, and unbecoming of Game of Thrones. (BTW, did anyone notice how much she is starting to relish in the power and the adoration of others? Hmm… This could be a problem.)

f) Most seemed to love the Arya scene but I just thought it was OK.

Wrapping up with some food for thought: The Boltons have replaced the Lannisters as the worst family in Westeros. Roose and Ramsey make Tywin look as sweet as Sansa.


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