category: films and TV shows, category: MMA / UFC

from #FamilyTree, Episode 3, “The Austerity Games” #HBO

Pete to boxing gym manager: “Listen, I was just wondering… I’m more of an MMA man myself. I got Muay Thai skills… and BJJ… I’m sick off my back… But, you know, when in Rome, why not do what the Romans do? Box, go old-school… Kingsberry rules…”

Tom [mutters]: “Queensbury…”

Pete [oblivious]: “These guys know… You got anyone I can have a little roll-around with? Not a big one — but you got any little lads that I can have a lil’ muck around with?

…. [the entrance into the ring… “Those ropes — they’re usually tighter. Someone could get hurt.” Brilliant.]


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