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add’l thoughts on #RainsofCastamere #SPOILERS

1) Well, thankfully they spared us the site of the direwolf’s head being sewn onto Robb’s body. But hey, maybe they’re just saving that for the intro of next week’s season finale.Β 

2) Just double-checking: Jamie wasn’t aware of/in on this plot, correct? Yes, Jamie asked Roose to send his regards and Roose Bolton does say: “The Lannisters send their regards” as he administers the death blow to Robb. (In fact, I believe in the book he even says ‘Jamie Lannister sends…’ specifically… rather than ‘The Lannisters send…’). THAT SAID, HOWEVER, I do not believe (will have to check the books, if I can find mine) Jamie was in on this. His “Send Robb Stark my regards” remark to Roose probably was the offhand, sarcastic, benign remark as which it was interpreted at the time — not a sinister “Send Robb Stark my regards,” nod-nod, wink-wink.Β 

While we’re on the subject of Jamie, anyone ever wonder how George RR Martin came up with “Jamie” — such a casual, not at all “from times gone by,” or original name, huh? Tywin, Tyrion, Cersei…… and Jamie??? Just seems odd… almost anachronistic (which itself is a silly label since Game of Thrones has no set time/century… but still… it’s odd).Β 

3) Figured out what’s bugging me about the episode. The Red Wedding seemed, well… anti-climactic. It would be too tedious to explain how or why but I would have shot it/executed it differently. Dare I say, it almost felt RUSHED. On that note, I also feel the entire episode should’ve focused on the Red Wedding (and those making their way there — so yes, include the Hound and Arya). But to cut away to Bran & Company, much less Dany (Honestly! It’s fine to have an episode with no “What’s Dany up to in the far East, on her Xena-Warrior-Princess set?”) was bizarre. This is the most dramatic scene in the entire series (at least through Book 5) and the plot line should have merited the full hour.

4) Since the episode aired, and Robb’s demise dissected, we’ve seen a lot of “Robb is just like his father — and it got him killed,” meaning Robb is too much of a stick-in-the-mud regarding honor, and it did him in, just as it did Ned. And sure, one can look at it from that lens (we all certainly shook our heads and rolled our eyes earlier this season, as Robb executed Lord Karstark thinking, “There he goes — making a dumb move in the name of honor — just like his papa.” But then one wonders… is Robb truly like his father? Or is it, actually, Robb’s LACK of honor that had him meet his demise? After all, it was Robb’s lack of honor that led him to break an oath (a serious no-no in Westeros life), in order to marry Talissa. Heck, Ned Stark would’ve kept that oath to Frey. As some may recall, Ned and Catelyn weren’t even in love when they married (per Catelyn’s recollection) — and he soon went off to war, met someone (the mother of Jon Snow), but dutifully returned to Winterfell and presumably never saw the mistress again. So… is Robb like his father? Or is it the reverse? Interesting discussion… Talk amongst yourselves! πŸ™‚ (BTW: When will we even learn who Jon Snow’s mother is???) In the books, however, the argument for “Robb is just like his father” is much stronger for, as I recall, John marries Jeyne (her name is Jeyne, not Talissa, in the books) not so much because he’s lusting over her/in love with her but because, in a moment when she comforted him, things got carried away and they had intimate relations. Afterward, Robb felt responsible for dishonoring her / taking her virtue… and thus felt compelled to marry her. So the ill-fated marriage, in the books, that led Robb to break his oath to Lord Frey IS, after all, one prompted by Robb’s understanding of honor and duty. So yes, maybe Robb truly is ‘his father’s son’ after all.Β 

5) I read ‘Game of Thrones’ reviews on Monday mornings (for fun — I find it relaxing… odd, I know) and, this week, WIRED‘s review took the prize. Β This particular insight, by WIRED‘s ‘Laura,’ was remarkably astute:Β 

At least When Ned died, you could imagine, narratively, that it happened for a reason: so that Robb could avenge him. When Robb dies, however, that’s the real knife twist, because you realize that he won’t, that he’s not the hero either, and that none of it β€œmeant” anything. You see the same grim, hollow realization on Cat’s face the moment she gives up. The question isn’t, β€œWhy do bad things happen to good people?” The question is, β€œWhy wouldn’t they?”

UGH. Heavy stuff but so true.Β 

6) And what’s a girl gotta do to find a single MP3 version of the instrumental version of Rains of Castamere? No, I don’t want the one with the lyrics and no, I don’t want some guitar version that sounds as though I’m at an outdoor cafe in Seville. Just a straight up, instrumental version with cellos (maybe a flute? I don’t know!), such as the one played IN THE EPISODE and found on YouTube. Is that too much to ask Amazon, iTunes??!!??!! Get on it. I need a new ringtone.


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