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my favorite (and least favorite) #GameofThrones characters

My favorite Game of Thrones characters:
1) Tywin Lannister. Sorry, yes. A bad-ass and steals every scene he’s in. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t at least want him as your life-coach.
2) Jamie Lannister. Is it just me or have we totally gotten over his ‘throwing Bran out a window’? Talk about redemption! Love his character’s evolution and any lines he delivers are simply perfect. Ditto for Papa Lannister — are we sure these two aren’t related in real life?
3) Tyrion Lannister: Who doesn’t love the guy? Tyrion is our constant — the most ‘normal’ (notwithstanding his penchant for prostitutes) voice that keeps the show grounded. Season 3 isn’t his shining moment, sure, but our love for him from Seasons 1 and 2 crosses over and remains.And the fact that he’s so torn over having to marry Sansa, out of concern for HER, just makes us want to hug him even more!
4) Cersei Lannister: Yes, another one we initially hated and have grown to understand. Plus, Lena Hedley is one heck of an actress. Who didn’t love the: TYRION: “Is your son going to try to kill me again?”.. CERSEI: “Probably!” exchange?
5) Sansa Stark: Yes, odd choice here. In Season 1? Petulant and annoying. Completely expendable. Now? An integral part of the series. Another character whose evolution has been wonderful to see — though still a little naive, she’s endearing and yes, when you see her cry as Littlefinger’s ship sails away, we finally empathize with Sansa rather than rolling our eyes at her.
6) Marjorie Tyrell: Manipulative? Absolutely — but interesting and possesses a maturity beyond her years. That said, I am hoping her plans go awry and she’s brought down to real life so perhaps I don’t like her after all.Β 
7) Tormund Gianstbane: In case you don’t know, that’s the red-beared wildling who said to Jon Snow: “If you’re lying to me boy, I’ll rip your guts out through your throat.” Handsome as hell and just uber cool.
8) Melissandre: Yes, every one of her scenes is riveting.
9) Thoros of Myr (aka, the drunk guy who revives his friend – six times — via the Lord of Light). I want to hear more / find out more about him which means… great character.
10) Brienne — of course!
11) The Hound. Cruel? Yes. But there’s a victim in there and a sweet side. Love the way he alternates between softening up and being an outright monster.
My least favorite characters:
1) Jon Snow. He’s just ‘there.’ I’m ‘eh’ about him. Ygrette elicpses him. Sorry, ladies — I’m not as smitten with him as everyone else.
2) Catelyn Stark (nee Tully): Where to begin! First, she’s essentially to blame for most of what’s gone wrong since the beginning. Remember her ‘freak out,’ irrationally, overly emotionally having Tyrion arrested, simply because the blade found on Bran’s attempted assassin seemed to be his? Great ‘evidence’ there, Catelyn! And way to make things impossible. That set off the chain of events of Jamie attacking Ned and his men, etc. Then off went Robert on the hunting trip where he was fatally “injured,” thereby making Ned’s revelation impossible. THEN in Season 2… Catelyn sets Jamie Lannister free, foolishly, which continues the tragic chain of events (yup, Lord Karstark was right when he said she’s partly to blame for his murdering those two Lannister young boys). Third, this season, all she does is sit around, glowering at others. Finally, lest we forget — she hated Jon Snow simply because he was Ned’s bastard son? What a lovely person. I realize we’re supposed to like her — those of us without brains.
3) Catelyn Stark’s sister, Lyssa, the Lady of the Veil: Just creepy, always will be creepy. Littlefinger is actually going to marry her? Now THAT’s a man who’s committed.
4) Her son. That breastfeeding scene. Let’s move on.
5) Theon Greyjoy. I have yet to care about this character and ditto for the entire plotline about his torure. Yes, we get it — he’s being tortured. Explain why and wrap this up. It’s boring and the torture scenes are simply gratuitous at this point.
6) Arya Stark: She has too big a mouth for a kid, when around adults. It’s a sign of arrogance. Overrated.
7) Samwell. I fast forward through any scene he’s in and only watch later if I’m quite bored.
8) Dany. This has always been my least favorite plotline. (That said, Dany’s dragons go in the ‘favorite characters’ list above.)
9) Robb Stark’s wife. Eh. Do we care? No.
10) Shay. Does anyone actually believe she’s in love with Tyrion? Shady to the max! At best, she’s fond of Tyrion. She’s putting on a good show.
11) Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. I’m not sure why, this guy annoys me. I hope the fact that he’s Robert’s son, and now knows it, doesn’t mean he’ll play a major role anytime soon.
12) The matriach (forgot her name) of the Tyrell house. Olana? Used to love her until that exchange she had with Tywin. Now she just comes across as a sneering, sarcastic, cynical person.Β 


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