funny story I have to share re: #Lamborghinis and #cheeseballs

Am driving on Brickell this afternoon and at a red light. A silver Lamborghini is next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the guy motion. I look over and he’s asking that I roll down my passenger-window. I oblige, assuming it’s a tourist looking for directions. Guy shouts with a smile: “Where are you headed?!” It took me a second to respond. I ask: “How much did the car cost you?” He laughed cockily and replied: “You don’t want to know!!!” My response: “Well, whatever it was it was too much because that’s a cheesy-ass car!” and pressed the button for my window to go back up.

Unfortunately, my envisioned moment-of-glory-for-all-clunker-drivers (peeling away in my rusty old truck, leaving a cloud of smoke in my wake, as the light changed to green) was not to be. The red light continued for another 10 seconds (that seemed like an eternity), with me sitting there, staring straight ahead, while the Lambo-driver just sat there, in shock, staring at me with his window still rolled down.Β 

Nonetheless, I like to think I struck a blow against all corny dudes today. Power to the people!!! ;-)))))


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