here is my book’s Table of Contents (for anyone’s who interested) — provides the conservative argument/ammo for each subject

Table of Contents



Because it’s rebellious, counter-culture, and unconventional

Because it shows you think for yourself

Because… Johnny Ramone

Because it takes guts to be a conservative

Because patriotism is only natural when you live in history’s greatest country

Because, speaking of patriotism… Katt Williams

Because it shows you understand basic economics!

Because it shows you don’t “buy into” (pun intended) class envy

Because it shows you care about truly helping the poor

Because it shows you’re not a freeloader

Because Republican presidents > Democrat presidents

Because liberals caused the 2008 economic collapse

Because military men are the sexiest thing the good Lord ever invented

Because… Charlton Heston

Because if you’re African-American, you can – and should! – be a conservative

Because you do have the right to bear arms

Because government has proven itself inept at handling our money

Because the Crusades are nothing for which to apologize

Because… Rush Limbaugh

Because Democrats are corruption ridden

Because if you’re a libertarian… you’re a conservative

Because… Margaret Thatcher

Because if you’re gay, you can be a conservative

Because you’ve read enough to know the Nazis were not far-right but far-left

Because… South Park’s “Butt Out” episode

Because if you’re Latino, like me, you can – and should! – be a conservative

Because you can be a conservative and not agree with every single conservative platform

Because religion rocks

Because… Ronald Reagan

Because Capitalism is history’s greatest equalizer

Because liberals routinely cross the line of decency

Because moral relativism is a crock

Because unions are con-artists

Because Communism is the greatest evil the world has ever known

Because, like Communism, socialism also fails miserably

Because it shows you believe in democracy and the people’s will

Because… Tea Party > Occupy

Because… Michelle-Antoinette

Because… Team America: World Police

Because Western Civilization created our current world

Because… Ron Paul

Because… South Park’s “Rainforest Shmainforest” episode

Because global warming is a scam

Because… Matt Drudge

Because it shows you realize radical Islam is indeed a threat

Because there are more of us than you’d think

Because… South Park’s “Smug Alert” episode

Because liberal celebrities are a joke

Because conservative celebrities aren’t

Because… Lord of the Rings

Because it shows you believe in individual freedom

Because tort reform helps the little guy

Because… Rocky IV

Because it shows you support the right of religious expression

Because affirmative action is immoral and counterproductive

Because there is no war on women

Because supporting Israel is the right thing to do

Because abortion is not a Constitutional right

Because it isn’t racist to oppose illegal immigration

Because… Barack Obama



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