Actually I can just ask you a quick question here. As a conservative on Tumblr, do you face discrimination from the incredibly liberal users of the site? If so, what kind of response have you received? Do you have to block certain users? Thank you so much!

Sure! Here’s my answer:

There are many liberal users who attack my posts, with comments such as: “what is wrong with you?”, “you are the worst”; “you are the world’s most annoying blogger”; “unfounded nonsense” ; “why are you such a massive f*cking moron?”; “[your posts] are so incredibly f*cking stupid”; “stop posting”; “just more lies from the Romney/Ryan campaign” (even though I have no affiliation with the campaign); “useless”; “blatantly biased”; and “just go away.” (Keep in mind, those are public replies to some of my posts — so imagine the level of vitriol in the anonymous mailbag.) 


That said, the political attacks towards conservatives are far less vicious on Tumblr — which tends to encourage more of a creative atmosphere — than on Twitter. Considering the ease with which a person can create a fake Twitter account and ‘troll’ others, the attacks towards conservatives on Twitter are far, far worse.  


As for blocking, I rarely block anyone — I find blocking ridiculous. If someone actually takes time out of their day to attack or insult me for my views, it’s likely because I made a point that got under their skin and/or made them think, so I usually laugh it off and don’t read much into it. Whatever the attacks say, I’ve been called worse, ha, and, truly, anyone who delves into the political discussion waters better have a thick skin anyway. Besides, what point is there in only hearing from others who agree with you?

Some liberals (in fact, many) do post constructive replies / send constructive emails and that’s what I most appreciate – hearing from someone who disagrees with me but does so in a positive way where maybe we can both learn something. Thankfully, Tumblr has lots of those users, too. 

Hope this helps and good luck with your NYU research project! 


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