Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony … (because I watched “Immortal Beloved” last night on blu-ray) Β 

Posting this because Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony — arguably his greatest work and a hallmark of Western Civilization — was composed only a few short years before his death, when his career (he’d been fully deaf for years), personal, and financial life were in complete disarray. Β The conductor hired for the Berlin premiere initially even refused to share the stage with Beethoven (who’d been roundly mocked during a disastrous performance a few years earlier) — only to eat his words as the audience erupted into not one but FIVE standing ovations. Β The deaf Beethoven, who could not hear the thunderous applause, is reportedly said to have been turned around by an assistant so he could see the audience on its feet, prompting him to burst into tears. Β 

Moral of the story: it’s never too late to bounce back. πŸ™‚

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